Thursday, June 1, 2017

Poetry: On The Day of Patrick Swayze's Death

On The Day of Patrick Swazye's Death

Streaks of pink and blue
behind wispy grayish clouds.
The pond rippled in the sky
sprinkling iridescent in the light
as the orange hummed in setting sun
and for this I will be grateful.
The hazy blue lays
upon the land constant as a
stubborn man and all else is self-perception.
Whisper, the tired marks of animals
in the field peddling passed
thresholds where we stand, a balance
conscious, a sacred gift. Experience,
given in the light for learning and building
a respective way. Life, you don't regret it,
it is a choice for you to make.

On The Day of Patrick Swayze's Death is written by Michael Aaron Casares and was first published in the Graffiti Kolkata Broadside in February of 2010.

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