Sunday, March 26, 2017

What's Next for Nicholas Duke?

     As I’ve stated, Nick Duke will appear in a series of novels that chronicle his adventures and mis-adventures as a poet and writer. The books cross the time-span of a decade and change, and will not only explore the facets of Nick's character, but also supporting characters, like Neville Acosta. Neville and Nicholas go way back, and he is a central force of one of the future stories. We won't see much Neville, though, in the upcoming sequel I am currently writing.
     The Distance To The End is the first published book in the series but actually the third conceived story line. There are four other stories besides The Distance... and its sequel. I’d already started writing rough drafts for two of them when The Distance To The End came along, and the other two were conceived after The Distance... completion. To be square, on the Nicholas Duke timeline, the four stories take place before The Distance To The End. You may see them as prequels for perspective, but I do not consider them prequels.
     The next project involving Nicholas Duke that I am most concerned with, however, and currently working on, is the sequel to The Distance…; and, yes, I do consider this a sequel. The title is 80% finalized. I had the perfect idea for it. I think it sums up a nuance for the story, and for me. The draft is in the rough, and incomplete. The sequel, like its predecessor, was never supposed to exist. They are happy little accidents. And a great voucher in regards to the organic nature of creation and release. After all, the first four stories won’t be read till later.
     The Distance To The End, though, was sudden inspiration. It was born of need to release.  And the sequel will exist because readers may feel entitled to know what becomes of Nicholas and Raoul in the aftermath of their Las Vegas excursion. The sequel explores that, and the only other teaser I’ll give regarding the story is: we’ll see Nick in Texas visiting someone readers may remember from The Distance… This story comes at a very tumultuous time for Nick and his boyfriend, Raoul. And though my intent is not to write a crazy, drama ridden expose on a modern gay relationship, this is the hook, and comes by way of experience and imagination, a decoration of the memories of life, and an expression of the daydreams of fiction. And I am its slave. Still, Nick and Raoul do face very serious questions, their status alone being the big one. How does one recover from the madness these two faced while on a bender in Las Vegas? What consequences have emerged? And now, new questions arise: Why is Nick going to Texas? And, who is he going to meet? And what are the other four stories? I promise, dear reader, I won't do any more teaser posts. But, I if you’ve read this far I am grateful, and, as ever, this issue can only be, 'to be continued.' 

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